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Being the first time, I have ever written a blog I can admit I was relatively nervous about putting my work on to the internet for anyone to see. It always baffled me how people were able to freely write about a topic over the internet with such confidence, and after writing my first strict blog about our charrette week I still felt the same. However, when given more freedom of what to write about and being able to select something that actually interested me I became more understanding of why so many people do it and some even make careers in it. Your ability to speak openly about a topic giving your own opinion and views on it really sold the concept of blog writing to me as it is not something you necessarily get to experience within your academic work.


I found the overall experience much easier when writing about something that I previously knew about or understood which eventually lead me to changing the topic of my blog posts multiple times. For my second blog I originally decided to look in to landscape urbanism but once realising this probably was not a subject that I was overly confident in talking about freely, I chose to change my choice to smart cities and 5g technology which I learnt a lot about during my work placement and design project for Arc 8046. I found this allowed me to talk more freely about the topic and express my opinion on it more openly.


The module as a whole was in some ways part of a group project. We were tested with running the blog ourselves relying on other members of our group to keep it afloat. We decided to incorporate other elements of social media in to our project in the forms of a Twitter and Pinterest account. This was an interesting inclusion as it allowed me to see the elements of Urban Design that interested my cohorts as well as display types of design that I enjoy.


In conclusion I can say that I overall enjoyed the experience of writing a blog once I eventually got to grips with putting my work on to the internet. The module provided a good experience of a different way of writing that I could not have seen myself trying if it were not for this work. I cannot say I will be immediately returning to blog writing but I do plan to give it another try in the future.


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