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It was a first time I wrote blogs. When I was a primary student, I was writing and drawing daily diary for long time. But the experience between blog and diary was totally different for me. When I wrote diary, I focused on what I thought, did and got in a day, so it was quite subjective actions. But writing blogs in this module was basically objective action. But there are also subjective elements mixed in the process of blogging.

First, it is selecting topics. Through lectures, seminars and sessions every week, I have increasingly recognized what kind of topics I feel keen on, therefore, it relates to which topics I would like to write as blogs and it also gave affects on my point of view for main project in semester 1. Looking through my work and blogs, you can see that I am consistently focusing on human activities, how people feel and social interactions. I think it might have potentials to build my own style in processing and thinking something to demonstrate the difference with other people.

Second, it is elements I picked up as viewpoints. This is slightly similar to what I mentioned at first. If we wrote about same topics, the elements we picked up might be totally different depends on people. So, we can see subjective thinking in processing selecting elements as viewpoints. Also, when writing blogs or essays, we integrate subjective output mixed with objective author’s opinion, which might become subjective interpretation as a result.

Writing blogs also practiced my research skills. Basically I do not have the background knowledge of urban design. So, I did not know how to clarify specific information more deep so this was a good opportunity to expand my knowledge. I always got new words and topics I have never heard before for each lecture and seminar, so they are also good opportunities to expand my knowledge and research skills.

In conclusion it was a bit hard, but also great and enjoyable experience for me. This assessment made opportunities to get and expand my knowledge and it was also opportunity to summarize my thinking and processing. Overall it was good practice for my work in semester 2.


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