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Sinclair Meadows, in South Shields is one of the housing developments designed by Four Housing Group we visited as case study to response to the housing project.

Integrating into the neighborhood

1, Connections

  • The site is located along the main road so the connection integrates into the existing road network. But there is one entrance to invite cars, cyclists and pedestrians.

2, Facilities and services

  • Looking at the surroundings, they have good quality of facilities such as primary school, supermarket, metro station, care home, indoor activity centre. Most of all facilities the residents can go within 5mins walking. On the other hand, there is no public space, even there is some spaces. It might be one of the improvements.

3, Public transport

  • There is Chichester Metro station within 5mins walking. The closest bus stop is also located within 1min walking.

4, Meeting local housing requirement

  • There are two types of housing, which are houses and flats. Basically the housings are for sale so there is no mixture of tenure types.
 Creating a place

5, Character

  • It might be attempted to be the first carbon negative housing development in the UK. The site where includes nine houses and twelve flats, has a series of environmentally friendly initiatives to help reduce its carbon footprint. Also, the £3.8m development, by Four Housing Group, is designed to surpass the Government’s definition of zero carbon and exceed the minimum requirement for sustainable homes.


6, Working with the site and its context

  • The housing development well fits with topography and local character.


7, Creating well defined streets and spaces

  • Tree lines along the housing function as effective boundaries and protect privacy from the main road. Public space is detached from road space, which create safe public space and promote activities.

8, Easy to find your way around

  • It is located along the main road, which creates good relations with surroundings. The shape of housing is iconic so it is easy to find the residential area.
 Street & Home

9, Streets for all

  • Curved paths encourage low vehicle speeds and narrow paths might support that. However, there is one connection to invite cars, cyclists and pedestrians. So they might also function to cause small traffic jam. It is a significant improvement and my suggestion is that other connection should be opposite side of the existing connection. Next to the site, one narrow path to neighborhood used by pedestrians and cyclists runs. It might promote good pedestrians and cyclists network with neighborhood.

10, Car parking

  • There is small car parking and up to 9 cars can be available. The car parking is organized in small spaces and located along the housing. Some residents cannot see them from inside of homes so it seems to be less safe. And basically this housing development is planned in small spaces so it is difficult to manage enough spaces for cars and improve the issue.


11, Public and private spaces

  • Each housing has own small external backyard and garden spaces. There are also public green areas in front of housing. These spaces are detached from road spaces and car parking, which is safe for children.


12, External storage and amenity space

  • Each house has own cycle storage. Bins are organized in one space and hidden by shelter.


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