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As part of “Housing Alternatives”, we went to visit some development of the residential design. One of them is the Rise Phase 1 by Keepmoat, which is located in the Armstrong Road, Scotswood, Newcastle upon Tyne. I will try to use BFL12 to analyse and evaluate it below.

1.Neighbourhood Integration

Connections: The BFL considers whether a scheme integrates its environment through demonstrating respect for surrounding environment, creating and reinforcing connections. The scheme, therefore, does not redirect or block existing routes and ensures that pedestrian and cycling path pass in front of homes. Well-connection with main streets – Armstrong Road and Whitehouse Road. But have some a cul-de-sac effect.

Facilities and Services: There will be no new facilities or services provided on the site, but there are a number of facilities and services located within close proximity (within 800m) 10 minutes’ walk: Hodgkin Park, Bridgewater School and Bridgewater Community Primary School, gyms and post office. There are no impediments for pedestrians to reach these facilities as crossings are available upon exit of the site. However, it is far from city centre, more than 10 minutes by car.

Public transport: Only two Bus Stops and one Bus Service – No1, which serves every 15 minutes. from 6 am to 2 p.m. It is not adequate for residents

Meeting local housing Requirements: The development provides a good mix and range of dwellings, and also provides housing of different tenures which should help generate a mixed and balanced community. A mix of one, two, three and four bedroomed homes in detached, semi-detached and terraced format. According to level 4 of the national code for sustainable homes, the scheme meets basic housing requirements.

2.Creating a place

Character: Reflect a blend of modernity and serenity through roof terraces, a unique brick material with glass finishing and tiered gardens. Phase 1 have various heights, ranging from two, two and a half and three stories. Especially, the Terraced buildings around the site, in particular, tend to vary in height, as well as the townhouses, which results in a distinctive character but not monotonous. Window Canopies are created distinctive character. The strong or bright colour of surround draws attention to the specific window.

The liner park built in between the housing blocks is well designed, creating a community character.

Working with the site and its context: The architecture blends with the sloped topography of the region and is complemented by the eco-friendly designs of the houses. Not far from Hodgkin Park, which has the possibility of wildlife habitats.

Creating well-defined streets and spaces: Buildings positioned with the natural landscaping; front parts of the house face streets and buildings enhance turning of corners. The road layout creates a hierarchy of access and is generally defined by the layout of the site buildings.

Easy to find your way around: The Rise is easy to navigate due to well-labeled houses and layout. But buildings in the east of the Phase 1 are lack of diversity.


3.Street and Home

Streets for all: The street is well labeled and give ample of space for children to play since its integrated within the front of homes. There is, however, no clear indication of the recommended 20 mph speed limit

Car Parking: As per the BFL12 guidelines, there is reserved parking for each household space and outside the street as a way of anticipating car parking demand. The houses are designed to allow the owner to visualise the car at the front of their homes. But some of them are not secured by a gate. There are some street-facing homes, parking is not well arranged that parking spaces dominate the streets that are placed in front of the road. And the space for car parking is too narrow.

Car Parking

Public and private spaces: Public spaces are well separated from public spaces through fences, gates or robust planting which allow each household some level of privacy.

Identify of Public and Private Spaces

External storage and maternity space: External space for storage is provided at the front or side of each semi-detached house. Terraced housing has recessed porches with storage space for bins in the Rear Garden, which is behind the guardrail.

Storage Space in the Rear Garden

Green – 6

Yellow – 4

Red – 2


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