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Within Richard’s blog he brings up the very interesting topic of Autonomous Vehicles and highlights how this is going to affect the lives of people, the city designers and the city itself. Having read Richard’s blog it got me thinking of a concept being developed by a branch of German company BMW that aims to create Autonomous Flying Vehicles well within our life time.

This very much sounds like something out of a movie and not actually something that would happen in real life. However, the concept that is supported and hoping to be pioneered by the taxi service Uber is predicted to be rolled out as a mainstream service by 2023. That leaves city developers less than 3 years to consider the idea of having aircrafts hovering over our streets and weaving through our buildings.

If everything goes to plan and this concept is pushed out to the public on time, it can be expected that all new legislation and guidance on how cities should be designed will be developed adding a whole new dimension to city planning.

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