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In his blog, Fabian looks at three case studies of modern cities which have been designed and built effectively from scratch in the last 60 years. I think Fabian has done a good job at choosing interesting case studies and finding some good information on them. Given the title of Fabian’s post however, it would’ve been nice to have seen some more evaluation of how successful each project has been. I think Fabian was very ambitious in trying to tackle this with three case studies and perhaps choosing one of these (or indeed Brasilia which he mentions in his introduction) would’ve been a good way to look at this, especially given Fabian’s interest in the city.

Fabian does briefly touch upon how each of these cities has been designed primarily around car travel in a very modernist way (with Chandigarh actually designed by Le Corbusier) and also mentions how Chandigarh and Islamabad have not followed these original masterplans in recent years, causing problems which again would’ve been interesting to look into more.

Alternatively Fabian could’ve explored further how the ‘from scratch’ designing of new cities has developed across his case studies, particularly as he has done a good job choosing case studies from over a number of decades.

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