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In Yilan’s blog she talks about the effect of cultural regeneration on the redevelopment of Newcastle. Yilan had clearly done a lot of research into the merits of cultural redevelopment and how the process took hold in Newcastle and Gateshead but it would’ve been good to have seen some of her own thoughts on how successful some of Newcastle’s cultural regeneration has been and some examples of cultural regeneration projects in the city.

Looking at some of the projects in the city which could be classified as cultural regeneration, they can be divided somewhat between historical cultural regeneration (such as the regeneration of the city walls area near China town or investment into the Blackgate and Castle Keep as tourist attractions) and non-historical (the regeneration of Gateshead Quays with the Baltic and the Sage).  In addition to that there are several museums and galleries across the city including the Great North Museum, the Discovery Museum, the Centre for Life and the Laing Gallery. It would’ve been interesting to see how successful different projects across the city are in terms of drawing visitors and tourists.

Finally it would’ve been interesting to hear which of these projects Yilan had visited herself and which she thought were the most successful given that she, like me, is a visitor to the city. I for one have made it to the Gateshead Quays a few times, to the Laing gallery a few times and the Centre for Life once but have never been in the Castle Keep or the Blackgate, despite being relatively interested in the cities history. There doesn’t seem to be much of a draw to some of these attractions with few pedestrian signs or posters marketing some of these investments.

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