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Runyu in her blog discusses the importance  Urban Green Spaces can have on our lives. Using Newcastle as an example she discusses the multiple different ways in which these greenspaces positively affect our lives from; stress relief, to health benefits, to education. Following on from Runyu’s blog I’d like to briefly discuss a similar topic in green infrastructure. For me green infrastructure acts as the bridge between these well-defined rural landscapes and the predominantly hard cityscape that we have become so used to.

I have always been a huge advocate for the implementation of green infrastructure within city design, having wrote my dissertation on the economic viability of green infrastructure within a city. However, not to go off topic, where I believe that this topic and Runyu’s link so well is that what they achieve, the effects they have on a resident are almost identical.

Green infrastructure when cleverly integrated within the complex design of a city or street can completely change the feeling that said space would have on a user based on the level and organisation of the features. The positive effect it has on people is evidenced by the over-exaggeration of greenery you would find within and proposed render of a city landscape. Newcastle overall does very well, especially within some of the newer areas of the city, in including green space and infrastructure within its design and I believe it is a very good example of how this can be achieved successfully within a relatively small space.


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