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My name’s Jarly and I am from China. I always was curious how many kinds of thinking can be used to interpret cities. The city has always been materialized by the power of thought and culture. Amanda Burden says the urban design is a language of cities, and when you stroll down the street, everything you see is designed.
I love travelling to different cities. I enjoy walking in the town for an afternoon to find its rhythm. I heard the metronomic of the dance when I took a boat in Venice. I'll recall the Trevi Fountain through the melody of light music.
The accelerating growth of urbanization and expansion of urban space is irreversible in China now. I wonder how to protect the city features and show urban texture in the increasingly strong urban process due to the economic strength and social power. I came to NCL MAUD to try to start a new perspective on urban space functions and urban space design. In my next studies, I will try to emphasize combined humanities factors with urban space.

Comment on “Gap between buildings as new urban façade” by Tomonaga Kosaku

Tomonaga’s blog shows the gap space between buildings in high density city. Those stress the differences between stages in the process of urban development. Case study A five-story townhouse in Tokyo, Japan, designed and built by the famous Japanese architect Ryue Nishizawa. It is located in Tokyo’s intensive business district. It is a place where…
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Comment on ‘Why Amsterdam Works So Well for Bikes’ by Yilan Zhang

The dramatic increase in contemporary carbon emissions is one of the consequences of the rapid development of the city. Its solution can be increased the public transport and promote green travel. Many countries have started sharing bike programs and have also improved a lot of basic support, such as providing large numbers of shared bicycles,…
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Comment on ‘Micro-Flats’ By Richard Keeling

Richard’s blog mainly talked about micro-flats. It could solve the high-cost problem for youth or apply in cities in really high density. The most common are student apartments or youth apartments. Otherwise, micro-flats could also be used in building renovation, to relieve the residential needs in renewal area. Case study An apartment is divided into…
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Three-dimensional cityscape has arisen

Background The rapid development of contemporary cities has led to a change in the functions or architectural functions of many urban areas. The city’s environment is more complex and flexible, local development needs are challenges that urban planners face. The emergence of three-dimensional cityscape helps designers solve this problem better. Three-dimensional cityscape combines landscape, business,…
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Comment on ‘Live/Work Housing in an urban setup’ by Ling Ling

Except for the live-work model Ling offers in her blog, the exhaustive choices that people can pick will also solve some problems in today’s urban renewal. The live-work mode is a combination of residential and work areas. It could save a lot of money and time for certain occupations, and also achieves the purpose of…
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Learning from Differences and Reflections on the Urban Network between China and Western Countries

From “Differentiation and Reflections on Chinese and Western Urban Network Research” (Li, 2018), published in the International Urban Planning Magazine. The article analyses the differences in research on urban networks between China and the West in terms of research scales, research methods, and research content in urban networks. Based on this, it will make initial…
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Road network density and Residential mode

In 2018 “Main Road Network Density Monitoring Report for Major Cities in China”, used information technology to build a road network density monitoring platform system for major cities across the country, and achieved scientific monitoring and dynamic tracking of urban road network density indicators. The report shows that by the end of 2017, the overall…
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BFL 12: Staiths South Bank

Recently we started to learn housing alternative, which ask us to look around and deeply understand the neighbourhood design. We went to several case studies with Building For Life 12 document to analysis where schemes are succeeded or not. The case I choose is Staiths South Bank, which located beside the Dunston Staiths in Gateshead….
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Summary of Blogging Experience in Semester 1

I’m happy that I could say at the end of this semester: I got a new skill to study better through writing blogs. Writing blogs was a difficult starting for me. But when I found an interest topic for myself, it was a gradual process for me. These blogs in this semester are my first…
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Comment on Health & Well being in Urban Design by Shijie Zheng

Health-oriented urban design Three main factors affecting human health, genetics, environmental quality, and lifestyle. The quality of urban public space directly affects people’s way of life. Convenience, safety, pleasure and vitality are the basic attributes of public space quality. Urban design should pay more attention to the possible impact of daily use space on people’s…
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