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Hey! I’m Richard and I’m from the North West of England, in a village called Euxton, near Manchester. I completed my undergraduate here in 2016, studying Architecture and Urban Planning, after that I decided to take a year out with South Oxfordshire District Council as a Policy Officer.

I wanted to return back to Newcastle University to study Urban Design, as my year out has taught me how important Urban Design is in the working world, plus I have missed the city. Newcastle has always surprised me with new spaces to explore, seeing vast structures that make you feel small and has a friendly atmosphere.

I hope to bring urban features that makes developments more memorable and interesting to those living there. Furthermore, an active environment and public spaces that are visually impressive as well as welcoming and inviting.

Exercising and travelling are my two favourite hobbies. I like to see how different countries use Urban Design when I’m abroad as the culture and feel of a place is different each time.

Comment on ‘Live/Work Housing in an urban setup’ by Ling Ling

Ling offers a good explanation of the pros and cons with Live/Work units. She broadly talks about the environmental benefits, including reduced car usage and the time saved with the removed early morning commute. There are additionally, a few other broad topics to discuss here, such as young families raising children. Live/Work allows them to…
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Comment on ‘Mossy living wall to combat urban pollution’ by Tomonaga Kosaku

Tomonaga’s  ‘Mossy living wall’ blog illustrates the key factors that maintain our health and wellbeing, biodiversity and effects to climate change. Greenspaces are crucial to our everyday existence. It is noted from Levitt Bernsteins ‘housing standards handbook’ (2016) that as a principle we should design with as much soft landscape as possible. The ‘Living Wall’…
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Comment on ‘Design of Urban Commercial Shared Street’ by Runyu Zhang

Runyu’s blog on commercial shared streets, illustrates how important their role is in day to day life. The mention of street hierarchy shows how primary streets are at the forefront of a city, such as Northumberland St, Newcastle. Additionally, during different periods of the day, those same streets can become lifeless and empty as they…
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Micro – Flats

Micro flats are around 15 – 25 sqm in size, these can be stacked in huge numbers helping raise the density of an area. They include a full self-contained unit with a kitchen, bedroom and en-suite. Additionally, as micro flats are in apartment buildings, they include communal facilities, such as a library, lounge, cafes and…
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Autonomous Vehicles

Automotive Vehicles (AV’s) otherwise known as self-driving vehicles, operate by computer software driving you safely from A to B. This can be done in a shorter travel time and can run almost 24/7. I will explore the role AV’s and why would they be beneficial to us today. The technology is still being understood and…
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Urban Food Production

Rapid urbanisation in the UK has started to replaced agriculture land with residential development, plus transporting food takes longer to reach the city centre. This increases the amount of pollution and reliance on HGV’s. Moreover, people today rely on supermarkets to supply fresh food, without a thought as to the costs involved. I will look…
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BFL 12: Trilogy, Saltwell Assessment

The Trilogy site sits in Gateshead, having close connections to the city centre and access to the metro. Trilogy is a new brownfield site that replaces the green fields, that occupied the site beforehand. The homes are built to a high standard, however, the opposite can be said for the public realm and the landscape….
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Reflective Summary: Semester 1

Creating an academic blog has been an exciting experience. Being able to freely write and express opinions to a wider audience, has been a new and challenging experience for me. This encouraging module has pushed me more into writing compact text that hold a lot of weight. Reading other blogs on the website has inspired…
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