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Hi, my name is Xinrui Chen, you can call me Sherry. I am from Chongqing, China. I previously studied Bsc Architectural Technology at Northumbria University. I am interested in the built environment, design and research that was developed during relating to the discipline within my undergraduate degree. I am currently studying a postgraduate degree in Architecture Planning and Landscape at Newcastle University. This is my fourth year in Newcastle, I love this city, I would like to experience the different university life, that is why I choose Newcastle University. Outside of university I enjoy time spent swimming and travelling with friends.

Reflective summary of my experience of participating in the Blog in semester 1

  Blog writing has been an interesting experience for me. I found this is challenging to face and broadened my knowledge. Through this new way of learning, I found it easier to understand urban design connected with lectures. When I wrote comments to one of my classmate’s blog, I’m seeing how people from a variety…
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Comment on Runyu Zhang’s post ‘Urban design: health, well-being, flourishing’

  Runyu’s blog talked about there are many links between health and the built environment. She cited a phrase from WHO (1948) defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being” (Abraham, 2016) She explained that Well-being offers a de-medicalized concept of health (Dodge, 2012), and landscape can promote feelings of health…
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Comment on Shijie Zheng’s post ‘Urban design in Chinese city (Hangzhou)’

Shijie has brought into taken Hangzhou city as an example to demonstrate current Chinese city’s urban design. In his post, he analysed some of the most important economic problems about the Hangzhou, which a large scale urban design projects in China. He discussed the costs of urban renewal and economic problems facing Chinese cities. As…
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Characteristics of Public Spaces

  This lecture introduced assessing the publicness of public places and an analysis of the nature of public space. Public spaces can be grasped simultaneously as a cultural reality and as a historical reality. Publicness as a cultural reality means that all public places, created at a certain point in time and in a particular…
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Sustainable Urban Transport

  Cities across the world experience more and more traffic and everything indicates that it will continue to increase in the future. This means more congestion, limited space and, thereby, decreased mobility of goods and people. This post covers the concept and my reflections from Sustainable Urban Transport, as part of the Principles and Practice…
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Walking tour of Newcastle: Heritage and Conservation

At the first week of this semester, we were then had been taken to a walk around Newcastle where our tutors introduced us to some historic buildings and what is urban conservation. Urban conservation often focuses on conserving the fabric of the past for future generations (Pendlebury et al., 2009).   Historic buildings   This…
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