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Hi, my name is Xinrui Chen, you can call me Sherry. I am from Chongqing, China. I previously studied Bsc Architectural Technology at Northumbria University. I am interested in the built environment, design and research that was developed during relating to the discipline within my undergraduate degree. I am currently studying a postgraduate degree in Architecture Planning and Landscape at Newcastle University. This is my fourth year in Newcastle, I love this city, I would like to experience the different university life, that is why I choose Newcastle University. Outside of university I enjoy time spent swimming and travelling with friends.

Hi, my name is David and I am from Blackburn, Lancashire, UK. I previously studied Architecture BA at Newcastle University followed by a year working as a Part One Architectural Assistant in Accrington. Coming from a post-industrial town in the North of England, I am particularly passionate about Urban Design in the context of Urban Regeneration. I am interested in the built environment of a place as both reflective and causative of economic and social change and by the post-industrial urban landscape of Northern towns and the cultural identity associated directly with former-industrial architecture and places. Outside of Urban Design I enjoy fellwalking, cooking and writing and I most enjoy time spent hiking and camping with friends (weather and midges permitting).

Hello! My name is Fabian and I am originally from the city of Palmira, in the southwest of Colombia. I am architect and I studied my undergraduate at the Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia. After finishing my studies, I was working in one architecture firm, where I could gain experience designing projects in different cities of my country.
I am passionate about architecture, cities, travel and fishing (I know, maybe the last thing does not make much sense!). In recent years I have travelled through different places in South America, from the impressive Andean landscapes in Ecuador, to the fascinating beaches of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. I believe that every place always has something to teach us, not only in its physical part, but also in its traditions and manners.
I decided to continue my studies in the field of urban design, because I believe that cities play a fundamental role in the goal of achieving a more sustainable planet. This interest has brought me to Newcastle University, where I hope to learn much about the experience of the United Kingdom and other European countries in the process of designing and transforming their cities.
I invite you to follow me on Instagram (@fabian_ark) and on Twitter (@FabianLozano_).

Hi, my name’s Jack Harris. I’m 22 years old and currently studying a postgraduate degree in Urban Design at Newcastle University. I’m originally from Greenwich, London and hope to one day move and work abroad within my discipline.
Having started off my undergraduate degree as an Urban Planner my experience in Urban Design did not really begin until my year out placement at Sunderland City Council. I knew I had an interest in design that was developed during select modules relating to the discipline within my undergraduate degree. However, it was not until I worked in practise that I knew it was the direction in which I wanted to take my career.
When I’m not working in University I tend to try to keep myself active by participating in team based sports and exercise (Football, Swimming). I also enjoy spending my time with friends taking part in quizzes and watching sports events around Newcastle.

My name’s Jarly and I am from China. I always was curious how many kinds of thinking can be used to interpret cities. The city has always been materialized by the power of thought and culture. Amanda Burden says the urban design is a language of cities, and when you stroll down the street, everything you see is designed.
I love travelling to different cities. I enjoy walking in the town for an afternoon to find its rhythm. I heard the metronomic of the dance when I took a boat in Venice. I'll recall the Trevi Fountain through the melody of light music.
The accelerating growth of urbanization and expansion of urban space is irreversible in China now. I wonder how to protect the city features and show urban texture in the increasingly strong urban process due to the economic strength and social power. I came to NCL MAUD to try to start a new perspective on urban space functions and urban space design. In my next studies, I will try to emphasize combined humanities factors with urban space.

Architecture is a natural choice for me. Since I was young, I maintained a keen interest in several types of arts, such as photography, painting and music. I think they can directly express people’s imagination or emotions. I started my study of architecture with the fascination of arts and design. Then I fall in love with the various cultures and history of architecture. I enjoy the process of solving practical problems by designing better places for life. I studied for civil engineering in China for four years. I thought it lacked creativity and focused more on rigorous calculation of the structure. Then I learned about architecture in INTO Newcastle during last year. During the architecture studying, I realised that the architecture also would influence the emotions of people. So, a successful design is a challenge to the architect and I like this challenge. I will give my passion to learn it. After I had a chance to visit the presentation which delivered by Master students from both MAPL-D and Urban Design. I prefer the urban design and rather than focusing on building design. Personally, Urban Design is more practical and fit the Architecture circumstance in China. Besides, Urban Design have a more various combination of different culture. And I think it is something valuable in today's design. A well-design city would improve the quality of life.

Hi! My name is Zheng Shijie and also you can call me Nathan. I come from Zhejiang province of China which is a really beautiful place. I studied landscape for four years and now major in urban design in Newcastle university. Why I chose this course is because I want to make my places (like my hometown) more comfortable and humanity for people to live or play. I like all kinds of outdoor activities and I like children and enjoy playing with them. I like doing some volunteer activities. Because in that way I can not only help people in need but also learn new things from others.

Hi there! I'm Olga from Azerbaijan, a small country on the shore of Caspian Sea. I grew up in a beautiful town in the West of the country which contributed a lot into my passion of exploring urban spaces. Currently I am doing MA in Urban Design at Newcastle University
The Soviet Union left Azerbaijan with a heritage of abandoned industrial areas, former heavy manufacturing sites. Personally, I believe that those sites are full of character and have potential of turning into welcoming places for city inhabitants.
The Industrial revolution left a thick layer of marks around cities in many countries and England isn't an exclusion. Therefore, one of the aims of urban designers is to find compromises between a number of disciplines in order to improve the daily life of city inhabitants making cities more sustainable and vibrant.
Prior to this course, I studied in London at the University of Greenwich where I gained my MA in Landscape Architecture. After graduation I worked at a construction company as landscape architect where I was working on some exciting high end residential property projects on the shore of Caspian Sea. After some time I felt a need in expanding my knowledge and taking a next step in my career. Urban design seemed to be a right choice and here I am in Newcastle, doing my second MA.
In my spare time I enjoy walking around Newcastle, taking photos and learn new techniques to edit them.
Feel free to contact me on

Hey! I’m Richard and I’m from the North West of England, in a village called Euxton, near Manchester. I completed my undergraduate here in 2016, studying Architecture and Urban Planning, after that I decided to take a year out with South Oxfordshire District Council as a Policy Officer.

I wanted to return back to Newcastle University to study Urban Design, as my year out has taught me how important Urban Design is in the working world, plus I have missed the city. Newcastle has always surprised me with new spaces to explore, seeing vast structures that make you feel small and has a friendly atmosphere.

I hope to bring urban features that makes developments more memorable and interesting to those living there. Furthermore, an active environment and public spaces that are visually impressive as well as welcoming and inviting.

Exercising and travelling are my two favourite hobbies. I like to see how different countries use Urban Design when I’m abroad as the culture and feel of a place is different each time.

Hi, I’m Sophie and I am from County Durham, studying the MA Urban Design part time, whilst working as Design Advisor in the Design Team at Home Group. I previously studied Geography and Environmental Management at Northumbria University and also have an MSc in Environment Health and Safety, from Sunderland University.
 As Design Advisor, I support the team in designing new homes and desirable places to live, I find this particularly satisfying in light of the housing crisis across the UK which may only become more prominent in future years. The skills and knowledge I hope to gain from further study will equip me to transition from supporting the development of designs, to designing attractive, functional and sustainable places myself, as an urban designer.
 Aside from work and study, I enjoy fitness, fashion and exploring new places. I hope you enjoy our blog, please comment on my posts, you can also contact me via email at:

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Runyu Zhang. My friends all call me Summer. I come from Suzhou, a beautiful and romantic city which was made famous by the Suzhou Chinese Gardens in China. That was also a reason why I pay more attention to buildings and urban design. My father is a civil engineer. The job that my father did also influenced me choosing the major that I want to study. I did undergraduate courses of Architecture and Urban Planning in Newcastle University in Newcastle Upon Tyne for three years. Recently, I start my postgraduate program MA Urban Design. Before that I learnt how to use the software to express my design ideas and practicing a lot. I think I will have a deep understanding of the essence of urban design and improve my abilities of design and analysis with my one year graduate study. The pace of urbanization in China is Accelerating. It is important to construct a sustainable city. People should benefit from urban design in the city and it should also work to protect the environment. I want to try my best to improve the city life. The East has the different design planning and development system from the West. They both have their own features. I have broadened my horizons here and feel that I can apply new ideas of urban design and use them freely.

Yo! I’m Tommy, I’m 23 years old and hail from the North of England! I graduated from Newcastle University in 2016 with a degree in Urban Planning before becoming a District Councillor, where I represented a small and resilient community based on Alston Moor in Cumbria. Following a brief spell in local politics, I’ve returned to the Toon; the city of my rival football club (that’s right, I support Sunderland…)
Why urban design? I chose to study MAUD because of urban design’s holistic and creative principles, where all factors of the urban fabric are studied with the intention of forming clever and imaginative design-based solutions to issues that planning and architecture alone fail to address effectively. One of which would be the massive overdependence on the private automobile, particularly in developed countries. Widening the roads is currently the policy, only this invites more traffic! By the same logic if we were to tactically remove car provision in cities then would we invite less cars? Space could be returned to the pedestrian; the walkers, the runners, the cyclists, the sitters, the people watchers etc. – democracy. Furthermore, I also have a passion for environmentally conscious design, particularly with regards to small to large scale housing projects through for example, passive house design and community farming.
In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar, cooking, reading, film, philosophy, stand up comedy and the list goes on. I especially like to travel and observe cities myself, because I can see how urban design takes on a cultural context which is reflective of the society it grows from.

Hi, I am Tomonaga Kosaku, please call me Tomo. I came from Tokyo, the capital of Japan. I studied architecture four years in my country. I came accross landscape architecture in the fourth year of university and got interested in landscape and urban design. In my home town, there are packed high-rise buildings inconsistently. Therefore, lots of voids are unintentionally created and wasting space has been becoming serious problem as they are not acting as a part of cities. But, I wish any spaces would have potential to be the centre of the city. Moreover, my ambition is to design people’s daily activity in a long term. So, these made me decided to study urban design. Townscape in European cities is also one of the reasons to study abroad. In my country, almost all buildings are designed to resist earthquakes and look quite modern. Therefore, old buildings are gradually demolished and new landmarks are built instead. It destroys townscape in cities and looks messy which makes me annoyed. Townscapes of European cities look both consistently and beautifully arranged. And many style of buildings still remain in cities. I want to spend my time in cities like that. That is why I chose Newcastle to live and study. My hobby is reading, watching animation and housework except cooking. I hope to start enjoying cooking more during this time.

I enjoy painting and challenging myself to find creative solutions to any issue. Since design is an appropriate combination of those, I started my study with high motivation. With the depth of learning, I understand urban design as a more practical way to create a better life for people. It requires careful observation, in-depth research, repeated attempts and above all, the awareness. We need to build residential houses not only for profit making, but also see them as someone's future homes. A deep research of the underlaying local history and culture is important before designing or redeveloping. This is vital in order to deliver a sustainable and pleasant place to live in

Hi there, I’m Yilan Zhang (Winona) and I’m from Taiyuan, a medium city in the north of China. I’m not new to NCL University. Actually, this is the fifth year I’ve been here. I studied Architecture and Urban Planning and have just graduated this year. I felt interested in the module outline of Urban Design and made a decision to study here for one more year. I’m passionate about the relationship between urban green spaces and human health and wellbeing. Furthermore, how people interact with the space in between the buildings is another topic that I’m interested in. I believe that Urban design will give me a chance to explore my areas of interest more this year. I have to say that Newcastle is a brilliant city to live in due to its friendly atmosphere. Four-year period in a whole life seems like a short term but for me, this four-year experience should definitely be one of the most significant and unforgettable parts of my life. This year is a beginning for me, but also can be seen as the end of a student life journey. I hope I can have a more memorable time here.

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