Charrette: Afternoon tea with Earl Grey

Newcastle Monument story

Charrette Week The very first week of studies at the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape started with a week of Charrette, annual design event organised by the university and led by various designers and artists. The week which turned into a studio based project which was a fun activity full of inspirational vibes. During…
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Charrette: the Wall

Newcastle University 2017/2018 Charrette Week Project: the Wall

INTRODUCTION TO CHARRETTE Charrette Week in Newcastle University starts every academic year bringing a host of artists, architects, engineers, designers and thinkers to the University to run a series of week-long design projects. This week could be seen as an annual design festival for School of Architecture Planning and Landscape. Students from a variety of…
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Charrette: The Loop

This first semester of 2017-18 started on 2nd October. The annual design Charrette week bring energy and creatively to the students of each stages and disciplines. There were 11 sub topics in total, and asked us to use any information and skills in the process and present it at the end. Our topic called The…
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Charrette: A Loop around Newcastle

To celebrate the welcome to the academic activities, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape organizes the Charrette, which consists of a week where all the students of the School, both undergraduate and postgraduate, organize themselves in groups to elaborate all kinds of samples artistic and conceptual. This year, the theme of the Charrette was: “Flex,…
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Charrette: Flex, Flux and Fluff

Charrette Topic Flex, Flux and Fluff was our theme for charrette. We explored topic of the loop, this was a tour starting and ending around Newcastle, visiting sites that had a story. One story was the ‘vampire rabbit’, placed behind St Nicholas’s church. Its story started 116 years ago, when it was placed by a…
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