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The charrette week was to celebrate the welcome for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of Architecture, Planning and Landscape in Newcastle University and to create an opportunity to make students who are from different design courses work together in a creative open environment. The theme of charrette was Flex, Flux and Fluff and made up of different subtopics. The theme of my group was “The mistakes in architecture”. In addition, this theme divided into three parts: Architecture representing a mistake, Architecture re-enacting a mistake and Architecture causing a mistake. The last part chosen for me was to show how does architecture distract people or cause mistakes.

Mistakes are inevitable in the design. However, mistakes are not always bad. Firstly, we tried to show the audience the most common and most obvious errors, which was easier to understand. Such as the stairs with different height, a vacant place appeared after you have opened the door, the windows were set at the wrong height and the legs of the table are not at the same height. Moreover, there are some erroneous atmospheres that give people the wrong impression. These kinds of mistakes are actually very common in life. A mistake which near my accommodation is a door, which it cannot go anywhere since there just a wall behind it.

There may be some mistakes left over from history and not well remodeled, but we can make those mistakes a pleasure. So, after that, we wanted to make fun of the mistakes which already be made. I will show you some of photos and video about our exhibition of our project.

For the mistake of the window, we played it as a Performance Art. Two people made them look like a whole, like a giant.
This could arouse people’s curiosity, and let them stop to watch. This is also a way of reflecting the value of architectural design — attracting people’s attention.

Therefore, one of my group members played a small fragment with the stairs.


In the exhibition, many visitors also joined our performance art.

In short, it was a very meaningful activity. We went deeper to understand the architectural mistakes. Make the mistake of building for funny in different ways. A mistake could become an artwork if it is done properly.


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