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School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape arranged the Charrette as a welcome event to celebrate both undergraduate and postgraduate students. It was a week long project mixed with students in other courses. Charrette gave us an opportunity to encourage communication with other students and motivation to create something excited. It can also be a chance to train teamwork skill in working.

The theme of the Charrette was “Flex, Flux and Fluff” this year. The theme of my group was “The Loop”, thinking a link with places in Newcastle Upon Tyne with a story in the location. The location we chose was Quay Side and the story was about the Great Fire of Newcastle occurred in 1854, which destroyed towns with fire and killed 53 and injured hundreds.This is a bronze sculpture with water pouring from his out stretched hand located at the Civic Center made by David Wynne in 1968, which is called “River God Tyne”. Previously, the Romans believed that all rivers had a god who blessed the community living by the river. River God Tyne inspires from the original Tyne Gods scattered in Newcastle.As I mentioned above, River God Tyne is a symbol in blessing community and lively daily life by the river. On the other hand, the Great Fire truly destroyed anything at all and badly damaged people’s mind. In my group, we thought that while we have hope, the reality is cruelly cruel and tried to express that in reconstructing something like sculpture with both elements; the Great Fire in Newcastle Upon Tyne and River God Tyne. We hung the sculpture; River Tyne God on a blazing fire around the River Tyne and took a video of the process that the fire blazes and River Tyne God buries while the buildings and the city gradually collapses in the fire.


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