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The School of Architecture Planning and Landscapes will bring together almost 500 students from across every stage to take part in a series of week-long projects every year which is known as Charrette Week.

At the first week of this semester, we had this wonderful and interesting charrette to enjoy. And in this blog, I will talk a little about ours which was titled as Don’t Fluff Your Lines. On the first day of our charrette, we gathered in Gallery room and introduced to each other about who we are and where we from and also why we choice our subjects. Then a teacher gave us some brief introduction about our theme. And after that, we were separated into three groups to discuss about this theme. So our topic was the architectural mistakes made in history. We came up with a lot of ideas and in the end we decided to make a Mexico–United States barrier to demonstrate how we feel it.

So we decided to make a wall and put it into the middle of that room. And then on the one side, we decorated with a lot of fancy furniture which represents America and on the other side, we decorated with some poorly stuffs to represent poor area in Mexico. Some of our group numbers were going to make that wall in workshop with wood. And some of us brought cheap clothes and paper boxes. And we made a chair and table in workshop which we thought it was really interesting. After all those things were settled, we had a performance. Two of us sat in the good-decorated room, and meanwhile counted our “fake” money. Then suddenly, someone knocked our wall, and in the end they made a hole on the wall, looked into our side. We then passed all of our property to them including cash, sofa, table, TV, flowers and so on. But they still kept pushing that wall and we were pushed into the corner in the end. The reason why we made this performance is that we want to show this barrier between Mexico and United States is a big mistake and it’s really ironic.

Through the whole week, I learned a lot of things from both teachers and students. Also I have better understanding of teamwork and how to corporate with others.


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