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It was my first time to write blogs. I learnt a lot from the academic discussions based on the lectures during semester one. I also learnt about different skills such as designing the blog, researching and writing a blog. The Group blog provided a place to discuss and share our thoughts and opinions on different topics based on the lectures with classmates and others who are interested in the topics online. Information-sharing techniques with a wide audience have been improved by using the blog. I also gained the ability to construct and support intellectual arguments in a concise and engaging way.


Design and Group Work Skills

At first, I was a bit confusing about how to use the blogs. Now I find it is a good and interesting way to share my opinions and what I have learnt from the lectures. Skills in co-creation and self-directed study and management skills are significant for the group blog creating. We worked together as a group every week to discuss how to design the blog page and share the ideas and issues. During the meetings that hold by ourselves, we updated the banner and updated style of photograph. The images that we used for the featuring images are now updated into the same size, which makes the group blog clean and tidy. We also created the links to our Pinterest and Instagram. We also got the opportunities to receive the suggestions about how to design our blog on the right way from the professional people and program director.


Writing and Sharing Skills

Blogs are not like the diary or the articles that written to be seen by myself. I need to consider whether the audience could understand what I am saying and whether I explain everything clearly. In addition, I am looking forward to seeing the responding to my posts from others. So that I could understand what are the opinions of others and a discussion could be hold on. The blog involves posts on elements of course-life like studio work, field trips, study tips and reflections. The blog also encourages us to do further reading on the topics based on urban design, which is helpful to us to learn more knowledge and use it on our studies.


In general, I am appreciated to have this chance to experience writing blogs. It was my first time to experience this kind of social media. It is not just an assessment for me. It is particularly a good way to learn skills such as critical thinking on the topics from each other. For me, as a person whose first language is not English, I also learnt writing skill from my classmates. In addition, I found writing a blog is not like writing an essay. We can add helpful and interesting images to help us explain things. What is more, classmates are from different countries, which help me learn a lot different culture and situations of different countries.


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