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In David Winter’s blog provided, the author provides an explanation of an important issue in urban design. The economics involved in urban design are evaluated to provide an informative piece for all readers. In the article reviewed, the author starts by acknowledging that there has been difficulty in understanding the economics related to urban design. The author presents the idea that economics of design involves both the qualitative and quantitative elements (Cavallo et al., 2014, p.539). Both elements are clearly defined and explained. The discussion moves to the urban design projects where developers are required to examine issues that include the economic situation of the area, the connectivity of the area, demographics and temporal situation (Winter, 2018). Overall, the article is very informative in letting the readers know the basics of the economics of development including the qualitative aspects of urban environments (Greed and Roberts, 2014, p.26). One advantage of the article is that it provides and presents the ideas in a very simple manner. The article presents ideas and assertions that can be understood by average or general readers. One doesn’t have to be an expert in urban design to understand the issues under discussion. The other advantage of the article is that it provides information that is quite needed. It is not many people who understand the economics of urban development (Kelly, 2004, p.35). People can just see the urban projects such as roads and bridges, but they may not understand the economics involved in the creation of such structures (Hausen, 2013, p.66).

By presenting the information required, the article contributes positively towards information the society. The use of illustrations is also a positive factor to consider. The images used help the article to be better understood by the readers. Even though the article is informative, it can be improved by looking at more examples. For example, the author should have considered including a practical example of an urban design project to discern the qualitative and qualitative aspects that need consideration. Using a real-life example ensures that the readers understand especially since there can be some confusion on the qualitative and quantitative aspects. It also ensures that one can picture or think about their local projects and understand these dimensions or factors. The article could also have been improved by including the views of architects and other professionals in the sector. Such views can better inform readers on the additional insights that such professionals are likely to offer.


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