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In Sherry’s blog, she talked about the emergence of building a complete system of sustainable urban transport. Due to the development of society, our world will gradually become a very congested place and what we have is only limited space to live. So it becomes a serious issue that we need to think about some solutions to deal with it. Urban sprawl, as we all know, is an unpreventable progress during social development. And it could lead to some serious social problems such as traffic jam. One research shows that UK drivers wasted around 30 hours in traffic congestion in 2013 which are wasting both time and money. And also sometimes traffic jam could damage driver’s physical health such as anxiety neurosis or fury.

And the statistic shows that 9 billion people will live in the world by 2050, and almost 70% will live in cities. In that case, the demand for new innovative solutions within urban mobility is growing so fast in recent years. So building a convenient and time-saving transport system makes it possible for people to move seamlessly between all kinds of public transport such as bus, metro system, bike and train system.

I think China’s G-train system is a good example to learn. Chinese government invested a huge money to develop this system and it works very good so far. And personally, I have some experience about UK’s train system and I just feel it is not efficient, sometimes the train could be canceled for some unknown reason. If people have some emergency things to do, how could they stay that? And G-train is not only punctual but also has high speed which could reach to even 400 kilometer per hour. Maybe the UK’s government should upgrade railway track gradually and then use the new train to replace these old train systems which is good for people.

In a nutshell, Sherry talked about how we can build a sustainable urban transport. Also some problems that we have to face.

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