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Until now, I’ve never blogged before (I hope it doesn’t show), but I can say that it’s been thoroughly enjoyable. My first term, and in particular the module, Principles and Practice of Urban Design, has been especially insightful. We have covered a vast range of material, ranging from various different perspectives, taught by professionals and academics from diverse backgrounds in the fields of urban design, planning, urbanism, sociology and economics. I think this highlights the interrelated nature of urban design. The cross-disciplinary practices of urban design bring professionals from various backgrounds together, which is more efficient, effective, holistic, and leads to the creation of better places.

I would say the most enjoyable part of blog writing as a cohort is the variety of different opinions that people share. I think that, as such an international group, we have learned a great deal from one another as well. As a group, we would meet once a fortnight and discuss the progress of the blog. Each meeting was chaired by a different individual, with minutes being taken for the record. I felt that these meetings went well in terms of communicating ideas and concepts throughout the group; it was a setting where everybody felt they could participate and make their points heard. In writing comments on each other’s blog posts, we were providing one another with a unique kind of feedback.

What struck me most about blog writing was the increased degree of freedom I could write with. With blog writing I felt I could put more of my personality into my posts. Furthermore, due to the nature of blogging, we were encouraged to show our own points of view, more so than in an essay for example. The idea of writing to a broader audience is also something that I have enjoyed thoroughly.

In conclusion, I have enjoyed the change in dynamic when it comes to blog writing. I feel that blogs are incredible tools for questioning and challenging ideas. This is by no means a good bye; I will continue with this blog in the coming months. As a group, we will be visiting Milan in February as part of the Cities and Culture module, so watch this space and keep up to date with what we are doing!


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