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The blogging experience in semester one is my first-time attempt to create the academic blogs. I enjoyed reading blogs before, but this is a new challenge for me to write one by myself. The lectures under the module Principles and Practices of Urban Design have provided us a lot of brilliant topics and theories related to urban design. I have had a basic understanding of what the urban design is after explore my own thoughts with lectures. In my opinion, writing a blog is a good way for people to be familiar fast with a new knowledge. We should interact with all the topics given by the lectures first and then focus on a piece of them that we are interested in. This encourage period pushed me more into critical thinking and writing compact text. I thought to blog was an exciting way compared with our other normal essays writing, I can share my opinions and thoughts on my interesting topics only with other group mates but also with those who are interested in urban design as well.

Team Work

As a cohort of this degree, all of us were responsible for blogs. The Blog is student-led, so it is under our control to chair the meetings, take minutes, and ensure actioned are completed. We run the meetings bi-weekly to have discussions on the blog. At the first few weeks, we mainly focused on problems solving which we normally raised in minutes and resolved by the next meeting.

We firstly tried to establish our own blog website in a different style with the last couple of years. I should thank to Olga who has done the website design the mostly for us. Besides, she gave me a lot of help when I had any problems and confusions. Sophie, a time taker in our group, has helped us to record information during the meetings. That is we were not afraid of missing any important piece during discussions. Other mates have all helped our meetings a lot. These regular meetings encouraged and pushed me to join better within blogs writing.

Blogging Experience

I have to say it is hard to me at the beginning to write a blog in an appropriate way because I have no experience in writing a blog especially an academic blog. I know the blog should be different from our normal essays, but I cannot draw upon what it exactly is. At the first test blog, I just wrote what we have done during the charrette week and what I experienced on it. It was not very difficult for me because of it just a record piece of an event. Then I found it is not easy to blog an academic topic.

I have to say that I enjoyed the lectures very a lot because I can experience very a lot theories and information on urban design from those. Almost every lecture can be explored in amount topics and each of them was quite interesting to me. It is easy to find a topic but difficult to express my own view on it. That is I had to search amount information on the related topics but focus on one viewpoint. While I was blogging, the problem was that I still cannot be good in writing it in blog style rather than the normal essay. This experience was a good start for me to blogging; I have decided to practice more in the future to try to write a blog ‘blogly’.

By the way, I have to improve more in the next step both in writing, searching, critical thinking, time managing and so on. This blogging experience has excited me and encouraged me to continue on explore my views and express my opinion to others. The comments from others have also encouraged me to review my work and pushed me to do better in the future.



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