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Blog writing has been an interesting experience for me. I found this is challenging to face and broadened my knowledge. Through this new way of learning, I found it easier to understand urban design connected with lectures. When I wrote comments to one of my classmate’s blog, I’m seeing how people from a variety of backgrounds, have given different understandings and their perspectives on a topic.

The posting something on the Internet that also helped me improve my writing adeptness along with my vocabulary.

This blog runs on a self-directed meeting, we discussed how to design our blog page and what kind of photos as our profile picture. We had to ensure the successful running of our website since group projects involved different ideas and views, we need to discuss and summarise the best way to a solution on the blog meeting. In private, we created a close group on Facebook and discuss our issues, and helped each other.

Initially, I felt confused when I touched blog writing for the first time, but as the time through few times blog meeting and lectures, and finished the first blog went on my confidence grew post after post. To be honest, I never think that writing blog is an interesting thing before I get in touch with this module and blogging. I’m worried about that I need to write some academic including my own thought and opinion in it. After doing a few blogs, I find out some interesting things because people from different part of the world might a very different mind-set as mine. It stimulates me to think and find out more about what I am going to blog about.

I learned many skills through writing blogs, time management is very important things I have learned in the blog writing. It helped me to set my priorities, organize and execute my work, clearly and deliver the best work within a time frame that is often lesser than brief required. Over the course of this period, I’m not only learned urban design academically from lectures but also developed other skills, including photo editing and uploading creative posts on social media, such as Pinterest and Instagram.

The comments of blog work are open to everyone’s criticism and also gives me a review of my own work which helps in getting better each time. More than anything else, through these blogs writing taught me how to write them in a more structured way. I feel that posting blog has in many ways benefited me, it has significantly helped in articulating my thoughts more coherently. As this communication exercise was challenging in the respect that we had to produce academic based writing which I’m used to. I have improved my critical thinking on a range of topics which I have blogged and have been able to better understand how blogging works whilst improving my grammatical skills. From the module research to analysing and reflexive responses selected lectures, the blog writing wasn’t just an assignment but a great opportunity for me to learn a new social media on the internet, which will be a great help me in my future aspects.

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