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Before this course, I’ve never written one blog. I would say that it was so fantastic to have such an amazing experience about creating blogs. Expressing my opinions about urban design through blogs is difficult for me because I never tried that before and also I don’t know how to express my thoughts in an appropriate way. So in that case, the first time when I heard about that we need to run a blog website and everyone needs to write two blogs in the first semester, I was so nervous and worried obviously. However, this kind of negative emotion was disappear after I had some lectures. What I can remember is the first lecture about blogging, there are two teachers who are professional for writing blogs. And they just told us a lot about how to write a blog in our own ways. So ever since that, I found creating a blog is not much difficult as I thought.

When I just started with my first blog, I couldn’t decide my topic. Then I found a lot of information about urban design and finally I could know what I am going to express. So during this step, I learned how to make decision to choose a topic that I am interested in. And meanwhile, I got more practice about how to look for some certain information from both books and internet. Sometimes it is so hard to identify which part is true and which part is wrong. But through the first blogging, I think I’m much good at select information.

Team work is also one important issue through whole blog project. We had regular meeting every week to discuss about our blogging progress. For example, what things were already done by us and what things left need to be done as soon as possible. Every meeting was host by different individual which I think is great because we all can get some practice about hosting a meeting. And we will talk about the detail date about post or comment. This could give people enough time to prepare their posts in advance. And we also discussed about how to design our blog website to make it more beautiful. We learned how to seek common ground and reserve differences on some points.

We have a lot of supports from all kinds of people who come from different academic and work background. Once we face any issues, we can just tell Simon and dealt with.

In the semester 1, we spend a lot of time in our studio, hard but happy and learn new skills. So sometimes it’s a little bit late to post blog, however, we all managed to do it. And blog writing is a fantastic thing which worth to keep running. As other students said who come from other subjects, we don’t have any essay in semester 1 while we have blog writing which is a more interesting assignment rather than an essay.

In a conclusion, I learned so much things after took this course and also I know how to write a blog which can express different opinion to audience. I have really enjoyed this process.

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