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Class experience

All of our blogs are based on the lectures from principles and practice of urban design, which has broad coverage of the curriculum, from the economy, human health and industry prospects to the status quo and so on. Different areas of experts deliver each lecture and they explain to us the most cutting-edge knowledge and trends. As semester one finished, I benefit a lot. Not only to understand the breadth of urban design, but also touched the depth.

‘Academic remain in their ivory tower, but from time to time, they have to leave it, to communicate’ (Arthur Charpentier 2014). A blog is a communication toolkit, is a platform for display, communication, mutual learning and progress jointly.

Blog experience

This is my first time to write a blog with academic themes. Personally, the most difficult and most noteworthy is how to distinguish between blogs and papers. In fact, the most significant difference is that they are facing audiences are different. Thus, regarding the language, it is essential to make sure that they could understand and keep their passion for it. In another word, save the text legible as well as attractive.

My first blog is the reflection of the lecture urban design and health. After a summary of professor Tim Townshend’s presentation, I focused on the dementia-friendly plan, which is my most favourite topic in the module. At first, I wrote it too short because it does not have a rigorous analysis of the knowledge involved is not broad enough. Besides, my writing style was swung back and forth between blog and essay. In later writing, I gradually overcome these deficiencies.

Group work

Every other week we have a group meeting. The students organise it, which to determine all the details of the blog.  I think this is an efficient way. Because the meeting time is flexible and the atmosphere of the meeting is relaxed and relaxed when student organisations do all. In addition, because we have different knowledge and cultural backgrounds, it is exciting and inspiring to discuss with the others, and that makes me realise I have so much to learn from my partners.

Technical experience

Blog, as a social media, the spread of information, the breadth of communication is essential. So instead of just blogging to the school’s blog homepage, we’ve got to interact with class homepages on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to be mutually reinforcing. Apart from that, we also add tags to our post to increase the browse flow.

It is worth to point out that Simon, our blog tutor, provided us with a lot of technical support and guidance. In addition, Olga volunteered to do the design of homepage image and also other helpful work.


Overall, it is a good experience for writing the blog. It gives me a chance to explore the exciting topic and communicate your ideas effectively with others. After receiving comments from other people on the content of the blog, the sense of identity and accomplishment is very different from designing a plan or chatting with friends. Thanks to all the teachers and classmates this semester for giving me the help and looking forward to the new semester new experience.

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