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In this semester, it was a series of lectures to ensure the completion of all the required elements of learning. The learning included interesting and informative topics to impart knowledge in different areas. One of the most interesting activities completed were related to the blogs that were required to be completed at the semester. One was required to select two lecture topics and write the two blogs integrating the information in the lectures and additional ideas after concentrating on one theme. For the first blog, the topic was ‘the design of neighbourhoods’. In this blog, a lot of content was learnt about the design of neighbourhoods and it was quite challenging to select the best theme to focus on. At the end, the blog focussed on the theme of garden cities. To complete the blog, going through the learning material and additional research to explore the theme offered great learning opportunities especially when researching garden cities and presenting the images. In fact, if one was allowed to explore more themes, more lessons could have resulted.

The second blog was about urban design health, well-being, and flourishing. This blog emanated from a very informative lecture about the connection between urban design and the health and well-being. The topic had real implications since everybody cares about health and well-being. When composing the blog, a lot of learning was done, and more insights were gained from reading additional materials online. The process of writing the blog was challenging because of the need to consider different perspectives and the limited length of the blog. Integrating the course content and information from external references also provided additional challenges especially because of the need to filter the information and determine what is important. Two additional blogs were required to respond to peer articles. The first article was called ‘super-gentrification by the super-rich’ while the second article was called ‘five-star public space’. Both articles were interesting to read, and they had varying ideas. However, the first article was more complex to understand, and it required more research to understand the themes and topics.

The second article was more straightforward meaning that it was easier to understand. Handling both articles showed the unique differences in the approaches of authors and it also shows the difficulties that readers may have understanding articles. Overall, the two articles discussed topics that were important for design and it means that the information was relevant to learning. In the process of writing the blogs, there were additional challenges because of the need to apply academic writing approaches and conventions. Issues of referencing, grammar and other academic writing considerations presented challenges. However, these were considered as learning opportunities intended to support my skills not only on the subject matter, but also on other areas of academics. Overall, the experience of writing the blogs in this semester was insightful and informative and all the challenges are considered as learning opportunities. If another chance to do a similar exercise arises, the learning in this semester would really assist in helping produce better results.

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