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I’m happy that I could say at the end of this semester: I got a new skill to study better through writing blogs. Writing blogs was a difficult starting for me. But when I found an interest topic for myself, it was a gradual process for me.

These blogs in this semester are my first blog to write about personal views (I just posted my travels experiences online during my university).

Even before I started writing the first word, I was beginning to feel huge nervous. I have a hard time to decide which topics I was going to write, and I found it really hard to write the first sentence, which could affect the language of the blog or even a few blogs in this semester. Especially writing in English is not commonly used in my daily life rather than listening and reading. Until I delved into the topic of neighbourhood design, I finally decided to explore what I learned and combine with my personal view around the new document norms of my country’s.

The publication of the ‘direction’ immediately sparked a strong debate in my country. Because such these housing forms have been affected by the gated community for decades. People are accustomed to the closed group building residential areas rather than open residential areas. Therefore, this is the first time that I have experienced, a unified topic of discussion across cities and industries in the field of urban planning. When it was public, I had come to England, and I remember I was very concerned about this hot topic that time, through news, Internet TV, forums and else.

As I looked for comments and future plans of this document by industry insiders outside in the past one and half of a year, I found better than that time I only watch the news without one person to discuss. I personally compare different statements and judgments them on the Internet, combine with the understanding of studied in China and abroad, and the experience of a year fieldwork. I tried my best to express my opinions and others’ views

Due to the personal blogs are part of a team web, I extended my ideas well with the blogs written by other members of the group. Although I am very ashamed that most of our web relied on the operation of a few very great partner.

Even though it was not a long time , I still have gained a lot during last few months. At first, I was lack of confidence to the challenging graduate study. But after this term’s learning,I gained confidence of my professional ability, since I really devoted myself to the courses and learners a lot.

In conclusion, I had to say that, when i written down the views and ideas, I can figure out in well logic. I do planning to try again like such these blog to write down something in the future.


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