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Autonomous vehicles will be a trend to improve infrastructure system. Richard mentioned how it work and give impacts on current infrastructure. Due to population growth and aging population, the demand and numbers of own cars might increase so Autonomous Vehicles might have impacts on reducing numbers of cars and car parking as well. So it might has potentials to improve urban infrastructure.

On the other hand, an autonomous Uber car killed a woman in the street in Arizona this year. It might be the first reported fatal crash involving a self-driving car and a pedestrian in the US. The car hit a woman even if there was a vehicle operator to control inside the car at the same time of the crash.

It might also have some issues such as the relationship with bicycles. Uber concerns about how the cars behave in urban high-dense cities such as San Francisco, where there are predicted that 82,000 bike trips each day across more than 200 miles of cycling lane. According to Vasconelos who is a visual computing expert, bikes are relatively small, fast, and heterogeneous, while cars are basically a big block of stuff. Bicycles are much smaller than cars and also there can be more variation of moving. So when the car is in self-driving mode, it might be difficult to respond instantly to sudden bicycle movements and its changes.


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