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Voca showed the characteristics of Barcelona looking from architectural and urban perspectives. And she especially focused on Gaudi’s architecture and his style. As she mentioned, basically his architecture might be based on inspiration coming from nature, which is called Art Nouveau. Art Nouveau is one of the modern style of art, and architecture that first appeared in the end of the 19th century and then it spread throughout Europe. Its style is inspired from organic elements of nature such as shapes and structures of plants and flowers. Moreover, decorativeness and using glass and steel as parts of decoration might also be characteristic features of Art Nouveau can be seen in Gaudi’s architecture.

Case study / Emerson Chambers, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Emerson Chambers is one of the architecture of Art Nouveau in Newcastle. It was designed by Benjamin Simpson in 1903 and located on Blackett Street. On the surface, some carving inspired from the forms of plants as decoration can be seen.

Case study / Central Arcade, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Originally, Central Exchange intended to be the town’s new corn exchange. It opened in 1839 as a subscription newsroom and then it was also used as an art gallery, hotel, theatre, and concert hall but it was completely destroyed by fire in 1901. However, it was re-built and re-opened as Central Arcade with shops in 1906. The shops are decorated with beautiful Art Nouveau styled tiles and carvings. Some of carvings are inspired from the shapes of shells can be seen.


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