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This blog is mainly focus on the micro-flats, which is also called Nano flats. In the blog “Micro-Flats”, Richard mentioned that this kind of flats are mainly for people who are after a low-cost accommodation. These are a result of the housing crisis and unaffordable units in city zones. I really agree with these opinions. In fact, apart from London, Hong Kong really needs this kind of micro flats.

Situations in Hong Kong

Figure 1 Hong Kong property rents and prices

In Hong Kong, an apartment unit which bigger than a standard shipping container is sold for £744,820 in Hong Kong. One in four residents in Hong Kong said that they do not ever hope to afford owning a home in their lifetime. The inability to afford owning homes also caused social issues. Couples are forced to delay getting married (South China Morning Post, 2018). As the gap in affordability widens, micro-flats will be more and more popular because they are usually more affordable.

Case Study

“The Pit Stop” is one example of micro-flats. It is a winning design in the Hong Kong Institute of Architects’ Innovative Youth Housing Design Competition. The design team designed the flat units with a ceiling height of 3.7 metres, which made a 150 sq ft studio flat feel like a dream home.

Figure 2 Unit B has a large floor area and contains storage underneath, with special consideration given to disables access

The flat unit has an open living design. It includes loft bedroom, private bathroom, pantry and many hidden storage spaces. There is a bookcase which can also be used as a door to extend the living space to communal areas.

Figure 3 Unit C mock up kitchen

The high-rise areas of the building are divided into three different levels and provide three different life modes (Lee, 2018).

Figure 4 Types




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