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Richard’s blog on micro flat introduced the size and functions as well as the probably users of the co-living scheme. It seems that the popularity of the affordable, high density, multi-functional micro size apartment is keep increasing, especially in the metropolis. However, Brooks (2018) compares living in micro flat to the future horror story that everyone living in a battery box.

The reasons for the new tendency are various. First, people living in metropolitan areas, especially those who have just entered the workplace, generally return home later and work hard. This leads them to have very little time at home. Second, the metropolitan entertainment facilities are relatively complete, for example, restaurants, cinemas and gyms. This virtually cuts people’s time at home. If the time at home is relatively short, and even if only sleeping time is at home, the requirements for the size of living area, facilities, and comfort of the family may be reduced. Additionally, Richard also mentioned the co-living system, which indicated that people who live in the same flat would built a community and share facilities to creating meeting opportunities. That is because of people living in big cities are used to keeping a certain distance but at the same time they are lonely and need to establish contact with the world.

Overall, these are reasons why micro-flat is independent of the economy and is welcome.

Reference and Further Reading

Brooks, M. (2018). Micro flats – Designing Buildings Wiki. [online] Available at: [Accessed 21 May 2018].


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