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Pollution in the urban areas is a serious global problem. As Tomo mentioned that approximately 9,000 Londoners and 50,000 Britons die prematurely each year due to respiratory, cardiovascular, and other pollutant-related diseases, new technology research and development to solve and reduce pollution is necessary.


Mossy Living Wall is a good start to solve the pollution problem in Europe countries. It also reminds people that it is time to face and reduce the harm of pollution belts. There are also some similar intelligent filters in other countries. For instance, the huge smog vacuum cleaner which designed by Daan Roosegaarde was set in Beijing (Gibson, 2016). As we all know, air pollution is the biggest problem for most cities of China.

Figure 1 Photograph by LardBuurman

The 7 meters high metal tower is now located in 798, which is a former industrial park. The tower forms a clean air pocket nearby and provides people with opportunity to breathe clean air. The contaminated air is sucked into the top of the tower, and the purified air is discharged through the vents on its four sides (Gibson, 2016). This tower has a special and important meaning for the whole city.

Figure 2 Photograph by Studio Roosegaarde

The purpose from the beginning was to study how to purify air on a large scale instead of purifying the air in a small space. The creator believed that a project like this is just a local solution for parks, but its creative thinking can engage people to participate in the way of solving the environment (Gibson, 2016).

Figure 3 Photograph by Studio Roosegaarde


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Daan Roosegaarde launches campaign to make Beijing a smog-free city




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