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Street design might have impacts on quality of urban life. Yilan mentioned how street design might have effects on environment and people in particular she focused on street furniture. She said street furniture could have impacts on human well-being and spatial impacts to encourage social interaction.

Case study / Newcastle upon Tyne

Grey’s Monument

Grey’s Monument is located in city center in Newcastle. It is located at the place where Grey’s Street, Blackett Street and Grainger Street come across so it can work as landmark in the city center. It also has a platform surrounding a statue, which can also work as seating and meeting place. So, the space around Grey’s Monument can be a part of streets, square and street furniture to encourage human activities and social interaction.

In addition, there are other kinds of street furniture in the city center. There are some different shapes of benches on Northumberland Road and within Northumberland University as well. Consistently those benches have steel frame, which might work to block skateboarding. There are also some bollards on the street, which might block cars entering and make bicycles speed down. Therefore, Northumberland Street can be quite safe for pedestrians and might work to promote social interaction and human activities.

Street furniture on Northumberland Street

Seating within Northumberland University


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