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Fabian mentioned about local housing respected tropical climate and environment. As he mentioned flexibility of material and responses to local climate and landscape might be significant to adapt in tropical region. And they might also be good characteristics of housing design.

Case study / Sharma Spring made by IBUKU, Bali, Indonesia

IBUKU, who is a team of designers, architects and engineers, active based in Bali. They basically make all buildings using with only bamboo to respect and adapt to local climate and landscape.

Bamboo is a good natural sustainable material for buildings because of its strength, beauty, and flexibility. The significant reason they use bamboo is that bamboo can grow with four-year cycle and carbon sequestration capacity.

Sharma Spring is a housing for Sharma family, which is a 6 levels with 4 bedrooms, and air living, kitchen and dinning space and built almost entirely of bamboo with jungle fantasy scape. Basically there are only a few windows but its structure can allow wind blow through to cool the inside.


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