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As we all know that Amsterdam is a successful city based on one transportation – bikes. In Yilan Zhang’s blog, she mentioned that the bike users are huge in the city like Amsterdam and The Hague. According to a research, almost 70% of all journeys are made by bikes. And bikes are seem to be one of the most important transportation in Amsterdam because it’s convenient, cheap, clean, quiet, efficient and safe.

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Yilan Zhang also write about why Amsterdam is so successful in bikes. In her blog, all streets are bike streets. The network of bicycle is everywhere in Amsterdam. That’s why Amsterdam could be bike-friendly city. When people are using bikes, they can feel safety rather than riding with high speed cars. Compared to other cities in China, most of streets are mainly for cars, only few cities like HangZhou and Shanghai, they have separated bike roads. Another reason is that when possible, go completely car free. I’m afraid I couldn’t agree with this point. Because when it becomes a completely car free street, there will be some problems with traffic jam since urban spaces are limited.

Another measure that Amsterdam applied is that streets have two speeds, and both are slow. That’s quite good because low speed could encourage more people use bike rather than cars. And meanwhile, when people ride bike on the street they can feel safe. Last but not least, each street shall have their own bike traffic signals. And separated from car signals. In that case, the whole bike journey will be stress-free.


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