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In Tomo’s blog, he mentioned a new facility in urban areas called Mossy Living Wall which could reduce air pollution and improve air quality. I saw this mossy living wall near INTO University before. At first I didn’t know what it is, I thought it may just a chair. Couple days later, I found it’s a new facility which is good for urban environment.

Tomo mentioned that there are a number of people who dead because of air pollution every year. It became a serious problem in all over the world especially in China. This may be a good way to improve air quality. Since in urban area, there is not much land for green spaces. However, mossy living wall only take up 1% of the space that would be needed to produce the same air-purifying results which is very efficient just like Tomo said in his blog.

And there is no worry about how to maintain it because It has automated irrigation system by collecting rainwater. The most impressed part is that it could saving urban space. Mossy Living Wall is also a bench where people can sit and rest without double. It’s like adding a small vertical wall on a bench. It’s a good deal in such high density urban area. I think high density cities such as Hong Kong and Shanghai could use Mossy Living Wall to reduce the air pollution and meanwhile add some green in urban space.


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