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The construction of new socialist countryside is a great project in China’s urban planning. Chinese government demolishing these decentralized natural villages and then build concentrated urbanization new communities with a certain population density. The new community shall be built along the transportation line. The residential buildings shall be more than five-storey commercial housing, supported with schools, hospitals, shopping malls, cares home and competitive entertainment venues. The new village shall include living areas, industrial areas and basic farmland protection areas.

The construction of new socialist countryside is another great revolution. It is the most effective ways to solve the hardships of rural economic development. It will enable people to achieve a more affluent life. And encourage more farmers to leave the land and realize the important of modern agriculture as soon as possible. It’s also good for social harmony, economic development and the protection of natural environment.

Village in China (Via Google)


1. This new policy could massively improve people’s living conditions. There will be a convenient life, convenient transportation and shopping. Meanwhile, the education and medicine along with services are improved in a significant way.

2. It could lead China’s economy in a high-speed and stable level. First, it will directly drive the development of related industries. (construction industry). And then promote the development of home appliances, energy, communications, transportation etc.

3. Save resources and energy. Save a lot of lands for farming, save cable communications for power. And save operation costs and the laying of traffic pipelines.

4. The relationship between human and nature is better. People from different villages now are living together. In that case, natural animals will have more living space.

5. It will be more convenient for government to manage people.



1. The lost of labor. The economy patterns of Chinese rural areas are old people and kids are staying in hometown while young people are going out to find jobs. What’s more people with higher education levels are more willing to staying big city. However, the existing village’s economy levels are not good enough to support people’s needs.

2. One of the result of the construction of new socialist countryside is people who comes from rural areas is not doing farming anymore. Most of them are doing industries rather than farming. So there is a losing trend of farming people.

3. Lack of education. In countryside, people couldn’t get pensions and insurance when they are getting old like people from big cities. They can only rely their children who should support their elderly life. So, in order to make sure there are someone who can support them, they will have more children but they are not sure if they will raising these kids.

This policy is a good opportunity but it’s also a challenge. Chinese government should think about a series of problems in order give people a better life.



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