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Newcastle has several popular hotspots which include the City Centre, Jesmond and Gosforth. Jesmond is quite commonly flocked by professionals and families, as well as, students. The residential area which is within 10 minutes from the city centre with amenities such as eateries, shopping centres and bars.  The residential is characterised by terraced houses, flats, apartments, semis and detached houses. Renovation of old homes is a common feature in the area most notably that of the previously neglected Park lodge which was due for demolition (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: century-old park Lodge in Jesmond, Newcastle before the renovation

The home was initially built with some futuristic features, and the extent of the renovation was quite comprehensive including demolition of the entire roof and walls, as well as, replacement of pipes and electrical wires as illustrated in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Renovation process

The main objective of the renovation of the project was maintained some original elements and creating more space and light in the building, as well as, including some eco-friendly features. While maintaining the century of glory, this residence incorporated a contemporary style. Eco-friendly elements were added through meeting the Passive Haus rules which ensure that housing heating demand is kept to a minimum. This significantly reduces the amount of energy used to maintain desirable temperature within a building and thus contributing positively to the environment.

The Figure 3 shows incorporation of natural beauty such as a green lawn and plants around the house.

Figure 3: Park Lodge Post renovation

The Figure 4 shows the adequate consideration of lighting, which has also contributed to the low energy demand for the house making it eco-friendly. The open kitchen and dining area as illustrated in the picture are well-lit through glass windows in the place of walls which allow plenty of lighting. The hallway is also well-lit, and the stair case is also transparent as opposed to opaque to let in more light into the building. There is also a touch of contemporary interior design from the open minimalist kitchen and unique contemporary pieces in the living area.

Figure 4: Well-lit and contemporary interior

Overall, the renovation project offers many residential homes in the Newcastle area, especially upcoming buildings or those undergoing renovation.


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