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The rapid development of contemporary cities has led to a change in the functions or architectural functions of many urban areas. The city’s environment is more complex and flexible, local development needs are challenges that urban planners face. The emergence of three-dimensional cityscape helps designers solve this problem better. Three-dimensional cityscape combines landscape, business, and transportation to activate the local area.

Case Study

The Luchtsingel was initiated and designed by the Rotterdam-based architects ZUS and is the world’s first piece of public infrastructure to be accomplished mostly through crowdfunding. Together with the new public spaces, including the Delftsehof, Dakakker, Pompenburg Park, and the Hofplein Station Roof Park, a ‘three-dimensional cityscape’ has arisen.

When I visited this project in Rotterdam, I was amazed that this project connected the different regions so well. By crossing the road and tramlines across Schiekade and the nearby railroads, it reconnects three areas that were previously impossible for people to walk through.

The roof of the Schiekade building provides a roof farm for people. The bridge passes through the centre of the building and connects with the Hofplein station across the road. The roof of the station provides people with an open park and picnic area.

This project uses a unified language that simply increases the capacity of the region and serves as a synergy between different locations.

In particular, this project really involved the public. The designer organized a crowdfunding event. As long as it costs €25, anyone can buy a board with their own name. This board will be used to build this bridge. A sustainable three-dimensional landscape is changing Rotterdam.



Frearson, A. (2015) ‘Crowdfunded Luchtsingel pedestrian bridge opens in Rotterdam’, dezeen, July, Available at:


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