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Green Spaces are the integral part of the city. People are living in a society full of increasing stress, which lead to the unhealthy urban life. We all need is a place with fresh air, landscapes and greenery to relax (Newcastle City Council, 2004, p.5). The Councilor Ruth Robson said: “A popular, well-used and well-loved local green space can really strengthen the local community” (Newcastle City Council, 2004, p.4). In one word, green spaces are supposed to be the places where people can feel relaxed and safe.

Figure 1 Green spaces in Newcastle Science Centre

When I first came to Newcastle upon Tyne, I was surprised by plenty of large green spaces. It is not common to see these green spaces which are just near the city centre. That is also one reason of why I feel Newcastle is a great city to live. Cannot imagine if people live their life without any green spaces with a blade of grass. Green spaces, which can break down social barriers and help bring people together, are the best form of community facilities for any city (Newcastle City Council, 2004, p. 11). For instance, the green spaces in Newcastle Science Centre provides place for people to relax, especially for those who are working and living here.

Figure 2 Green spaces in Newcastle Science Centre


Urban green spaces are not only for human beings to use and enjoy. They should be kept attractive, safe and good for the wildlife. Newcastle has a wealth of wildlife. I saw some rabbits when I was having a walk in Exhibition park before. Birds singing, cows walking and eating grass leisurely, swans and ducks swimming in the lake are common to be seen in the urban parks. People want and like to see these. Wildlife could increase the enjoyment of greenery (Newcastle City Council, 2004, p. 12).

Figure 3 Cows and Green Spaces in Leazes Park


People can get physical and mental benefits when having activities and exercise in green places. Especially for the elderly, keeping active help them prevent some disease. For the employees, they may feel relaxed after their work when they pass through the green spaces. The impact of green spaces on mental health cannot be ignored. Just 5 minutes to see the green space can help reduce blood pressure and stress (Newcastle City Council, 2004, p. 13). The green spaces near the Ouseburn are some good examples.

Figure 4 Green Spaces near the Ouseburn


Valuable resources for education are what education green spaces could provide. Especially for the city built around the universities, the green spaces could cover plenty of subjects for all ages. Education green spaces can be treat as outdoor classrooms (Newcastle City Council, 2004, p.13). For instance, there are always some activities for children in the Ouseburn Farm or near Ouseburn farm. This place which is full of green spaces is also being treated as a research object for different subjects of Newcastle University.

Figure 5 Ouseburn Farm


In general, building good urban green spaces will help promote a positive and active picture of the city. They are also outdoor classrooms for environmental education and landscaping.




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