Comment on “Urban Green Spaces and Urban Life” Runyu Zhang

Runyu in her blog discusses the importance  Urban Green Spaces can have on our lives. Using Newcastle as an example she discusses the multiple different ways in which these greenspaces positively affect our lives from; stress relief, to health benefits, to education. Following on from Runyu’s blog I’d like to briefly discuss a similar topic…
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Comment on “Why Amsterdam Works So Well for Bikes” By Yilan Zhang

Within her piece Yilan discusses the success story that is Amsterdam’s world-renowned cycle network and exactly what the city planners have developed and created within legislation and policy to achieve such a well working functional system. However, having been to Amsterdam a number of times now, the first being with my undergraduate urban planning course,…
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Comment on “Co-design Exercise – Understanding Residents preference on Housing Typologies” by Jack Harris

In Jack’s blog he wrote about his co-design exercise, which was oriented around understanding the house typologies that participants would like to see in their cohousing scheme, including their type and schedule of accommodation (rooms). Jack did a good job of explaining the process of his exercise and explained the results but I would’ve been…
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Small Town Regeneration

Urban regeneration is a key aspect of urban design and is often used to refer to regeneration projects in cities or other large settlements and urban areas. One aspect that is sometimes overlooked is the regeneration of smaller towns which can be seen to differ from urban regeneration in cities in a number of ways….
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Comment on “Gap between buildings as new urban façade” by Tomonaga Kosaku

Tomonaga’s blog shows the gap space between buildings in high density city. Those stress the differences between stages in the process of urban development. Case study A five-story townhouse in Tokyo, Japan, designed and built by the famous Japanese architect Ryue Nishizawa. It is located in Tokyo’s intensive business district. It is a place where…
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